Canadian Rockies Ice Climbs

A Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing trip has been on the wish list for quite some time. Jerry, a long time guest proposed this ice climbing idea in December and I instantly was intrigued and said yes. Well I must say this ice climbing session is going down as one of Jerry’s and my finest ice climbing trips ever. First it’s the partnership with Jerry. We have been climbing together for over ten years and both of us truly enjoy each others company. We have developed a trusted climbing partnership which allows each of us to push our limits and venture onto amazing ice routes. This trip was exceptional as we climbed a variety of routes for ten strait days and pulled of a couple off a couple of the ultra classic Canadian Rockies ice lines!!!

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Curtain Call WI6 120 meters – this prize line had been on our list of to do routes. The climb was in prime shape, the weather was perfect, Jerry and I rallied and sent this magnificent ice route.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

This is one amazing pitch of ice on Curtain Call. A steep corner capped by an ice roof hundreds of feet above the valley floor.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

The rappel area mid way on Curtain Call. Wild blobs and fins of ice surrounded us in this area. A very wild place to stop for a short time.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Ice takes on spectacular formations. This is the view over our heads inside one of the ice caves we anchored in during the trip.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

The Sorcerer set deep inside the Ghost River area. Barred by a tough 4×4 road, multiple river crossings, and a lengthy approach. My good friend Dale made this route happen by driving us into this area and guiding us to the base of the route. Then Jerry and I joined up with Dale and Ann. We all climbed this spectacular ice climb together.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Jerry and Ann nearing the top of the Sorcerer. A spectacular route in an amazing location.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Jerry is is a committed mountain athlete.  Climbing has become a main part of his life, he lives it and trains for it. Jerry on the sharp end leading at Professor Falls


Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

The Ghost area. A good 4×4 truck is needed to access the climbs in this remote area.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Absolute Alpine – Mammut clothing and equipment shine in the mountains.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Without a doubt these pictured ropes (70 meter Mammut Twilight) are my first choice for ice lines.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Wicked Wanda is a two pitch line located in the remote South Ghost. For the Ghost area this is one of the easy to access routes which makes it quite popular. Fortunately we had the place to ourselves for the entire day

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

Pitch two of Wicked Wanda. This route has some very wild ice to work through. Bulges, blobs, and overhangs make for some very tricky climbing on this pitch.

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

This place is truly spectacular. Thank you Jerry,  I look forward to returning with you next season as exciting adventures await us.

Art Mooney –

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