Ice Climbing Hitchcock Gully

Today was an extra special climbing event for me. Jackson traveled with Dad (Mike) to NH to join me on a multi pitch ice climb called the Hitchcock Gully. This was not Jacksons first time as last year we climbed a nearby ice climb called the Cleft. This year it was decided that the Hitchcock Gully would be the next level for us to tackle. Hitchcock Gully is a full value ice climb with a steep snow gully approach, many technical ice steps, and a complex mixed climbing section.

Jackson was super charged and ready to go.


It is a special honor to be trusted by Jackson, a talented rock and ice climber seeking new adventures in the mountains.


Our day began hiking down the cold, windy road. The temp was 4 degrees with a light breeze. Our team was ready for a tough climb, we had plenty of warm clothes, hot drinks, energy bars, and we were all psyched!!!


The approach gully is long and steep. We are nearing the base of Hitchcock Gully. Mike and Jackson get their first view of the icy start to the climb.


Jackson is figuring out these scrappy moves in the mixed climbing section with Dad watching from below.


Jackson armed with BD ice tools, spinner leashes, and Sorel boots with custom crampons.


The custom kit, it’s hard work for this guy. Jackson never lets out one complaint, he just keeps on moving upward with a positive attitude.


The parallel rope technique allows Jackson and Mike to climb side by side.


Jackson watching Mike as he pull through the difficult exit of the ice climb.


I’ve climbed with these two for many years. Every day with them is very special time !!!

Thank you Jackson and Mike for this awesome day of ice climbing in NH.

Art Mooney

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