NH Ice Climbing

New Hampshire’s Cannon Cliff is a place that never gets old. The Black Dike ice climb is a very memorable route, a test piece alpine ice climb. To be able to climb/guide on this route is always a delight.

Han and I have been working on this 2 day ice climbing trip for some time. The original dates had been change due to weather and condition. A week ago we were hopeful with the colder forecast and we settled in on this past weekend.

Early last week the colder weather arrived and by Wednesday Cannon was in good condition. Han and I arrive Saturday morning a found the Black Dike ready to go. The temperatures were quite warm so the ice was unusually sticky and wet. It was a real treat to be ice climbing on CannonĀ  in these conditions.

IMG_8704The Black Dike ice climb straight up on left and a lean Fafnir branching out to the right.IMG_8707Han is super psyched – the thin and steep ice runnel is completed!!!

IMG_8709The final right side 3rd pitch. A varied one with steep steps, some rock moves and a tight v groove for the exit moves.

IMG_8712Mt Willard is one of the next areas to come into condition. Located high in Crawford Notch the colder temperatures bring the ice into shape very fast. This south facing route Gully Number 1 formed up in less than a week. We found it to be on the thin side in places but building thicker fast.

IMG_8716To complete our 2 day ice tour Han and I joined up with other ice fanatics on the roadside Elephants Head Gully. Two different lines had formed and we sampled both. Here Han tops outĀ on the steep main line with sticks in the turf and a good old NH tree root.

Nice climbing Han!!!

Thank you for this awesome weekend,

Art Mooney

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