Peppercomm on Ice!!!

Peppercomm on Ice may sound like a specialty drink. Actually this title refers to a Manhattan based business.  Steve Cody is the CEO of this strategic communications and marketing firm named Peppercomm.  Please enjoy this journey as Steve and I lead his team and family on and extreme ice climbing adventure in the White Mountain of NH.

IMG_8827After 5 pitches of strenuous ice and snow climbing Chris and Mark take a break to enjoy the veiw back down the icy cleft on Mt Willard.IMG_8816 Peppercomm adventure athlete Nicole leads the team on a fast early morning approach towards Mt Willard. It was cold start and we are all moving at a brisk pace to warm our body especially the fingers and toes. These road side parking areas can be very windy and cold when you are prepping for the climbs.

DSC_0313-2Nicole at the top of her first ice climb, totally psyched!!!

IMG_8802Chris and Catharine enjoying some very fine ice. The mild conditions warmed up the ice into plastic type conditions at Kinsman Notch. We all climbed a variety of steep ice climbs.

Brother and sister,  Chris and Catherine on a retreat from NY and NJ, leaving their work with Peppercomm behind for the holiday weekend.

IMG_8798Adel in solid form, climbing very strong. Great job on this nice send on this steep pillar!!!!

IMG_8829Steve aka Repman tackling a direct steep ice climb on the Elephant Head Gully.   Nice climbing Steve!!!IMG_8819The Cleft and amazing ice climb. This hidden chasm choked full of ice and snow on Mt Willard should be on every ones hit list.IMG_8786Chris and Steve recently outfitted with Mammut Nordwand Boots, Petzl Dartwin Crampons, and their personal set of Petzl Quarks there is no stopping these guys.

IMG_8783Steve topping out on the route called Duofold at Newfound Lake. What a spectacular setting,  ice climbing above the icy waters of Newfound.

IMG_8796Courtney of Courtney Ley Photography joined us for a full day of shooting photos and video. What a great job she did – Thank you Courtney!!! Here she is hanging off the edge of a slippery slope to gain great face shots of climbers ascending the ice climbs.

IMG_8795Steve and Chris heading up for another lap.IMG_8837Four climbers with 4 sets of Mammut Nordwand Boots. Light, warm and very precise, having this exceptional footwear does make a big difference on the ice climbs.

IMG_8818Mark, Chris and I hanging out  – the Cleft.

IMG_8782Bubbling, buttery ice makes for some very fun climbing, above Steve takes of on Duofold.

So much Thanks to the Peppercom Team, Adel and Mark, Courtney Ley, MMG Guides Derek and Ben. It was a fine weekend on the ice, as Steve said to me another Home Run!!!

Art Mooney

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