Reunited (and it feels so good).

Many guides have a select number of guests that frequently join them for rock climbs, ice climbs and mountain ascents. This post is all about Jerry and Steve  who are two special guests whom I feel are at the center of my work as a guide. Over ten years ago Jerry and I met and shortly after Jerry introduced Steve to the mix. We all developed a very strong bond as good friends and solid climbing partners together.

My  work with Jerry and Steve is the guide to climber mentor but it goes so much further.  I do enjoy my work so much and all the perks that go along with this guiding life.

IMG_8613Steve topping out on the big hill – Mt Washington, NH. Steve never gets tired of this mountain climb – number 16 for him and goals to reach 25 in a season or two.

IMG_8620Jerry cruising up the Gold Digger at the main cliff. This morning started with a crisp temp of 32. We each rallied and ended up with a very fun and comfortable day rock climbing in the sunny areas of Rumney Rocks, NH.

IMG_8628The Reunion!!! The norm is to climb with Jerry and Steve separately. This weekend was a celebration for the holidays. Great to have the core team together once again.

IMG_8621Steve aka the Repman. Pictured possibly working on a Repmam blog, maybe the INC article or just keeping tabs on the Peppercomm team back in Manhattan.


Steve and I climbed hard for this summit. Mid December conditions on Mt Washington can be rough and today we were put to the test. Lets all wish for some snow and colder temperatures to soften and smooth this place out. Maybe some ice will form too!!!

Over the years we have had so many amazing trips together,  We all have frequently climbed in  NH, VT, ME, and ventured on a bigger trips to Red Rocks, Chattanooga, Gunks, Devils Tower, and Boulder areas.

I am looking out towards a future of more amazing climbs with each of you.

Happy Holidays, Art


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