Rumney Rocks – New Hampshire

Rumney Rocks NH is my home court. Since the early 80’s I have climbed here on a regular basis.  This area gets me strong, it strengthens my fingers and grip,  and hones my movement skills.  Above all Rumney is a great place to have fun. I totally enjoy climbing with the many local and visiting climbers I have met along the way.

IMG_7192One of the many classic climbs. This early route was developed by Tom Armstrong in the 1980 period. This technical corner is climb by smearing the feet and pushing the hands outward on both walls. Wild positions, good exposure test ones skills on the aptly named Flying Hawaiian 5.11a.

IMG_8174Serial Killer 5.11c a powerful juggy overhang put up by Tim Kemple in the 2000’s. A show boat of a climb that fits nicely in between the older standard climbs of Scene of the Crime and Armed and Dangerous.

IMG_8176Sesame Street 5.10b is one of the early routes at the Main Cliff left. Glenn Cilly bolted this one with ethics in mind. Drill them when needed, which he did leaving a route with some of the longer run outs on a Rumney rock climb. Glenn’s theme was climb smart and strong.

IMG_8181Venus 5.12c – certainly one of the area testpieces. Powerful bouldery moves initiate one to the steep technical wall above. This one works the fingers right up to the end.


Clippidy Do Dah 5.3 came into play in the late era of development. Now this route is ascended by many new climbers venturing into multi pitch terrain. A perfect line to challenge yourself by taking on the lead.

Its just a tiny view of the routes at Rumney Rocks. Rumney has close to 1000 climbs, something for everyone from the 5.2 to 5.15 range, all abilities can enjoy this fine schist to be outside climbing on the real stone.

Art Mooney

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