The Alpine Arena…

To many an alpinist, New Hampshire’s Cannon Cliff is known and highly regarded as the northeasts premier alpine rock climbing and winter ice/mixed climbing arena. Cannons packs a punch whether you be climbing on the Whitney Gilman Ridge, or the classic Black Dike ice climb, I am pretty certain you will find yourself feeling wild and exposed while climbing up the wall.


The team Han, Mike, and Ashlee with Art Mooney. Determined we headed into the alpine zone for a four hour blustery and exciting climb of the Whitny Gilman Ridge on Cannon Cliff.


Han knows the meaning of Alpine very well. Alpine climbing is the activity he seeks out on his travels and adventures. Han in the moment on a cold windy ascent of the Whitney Gilman Ridge.IMG_8371The Black Dike ice climb as it make an attempt to form up in November 2015. The above average temps and varied weather patters have postponed any reliable ice to climb at this point.


Ashlee and Han enjoying our speedy ascent of the ridge.  With the cold wind it was easy to see and feel the benefits of climbing together with the simultaneous belays from above. IMG_8370

Soon the weather pattern will change and Cannon will freeze up solid but until then lets keep rock climbing.

Art Mooney


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